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Web Pages
  5ives: Merlin's Lists of Five Things
Updated periodically.
  FOUND magazine
Photographs of found objects. Images and RealAudio samples, and they accept actual found objects by mail.
  Buzzword Free Zone
Home of the Koolefant, URL toys and random poetry.
  How To Keep An Idiot Busy
Timewasting exercise using a computer mouse.
Where you'll always get a warm welcome. Requires Flash and audio.
Visitors can try and locate a Bob the Builder figurine in a serious of photographs.
A collection of disturbing pictures from old Weightwatchers recipe cards and childrens books.
  All Too Flat
Geeky humor, backwards Google searches, the Bible According to Cheese, help with pet names and an advice column from a halibut.
A list of oxymorons and humorous questions to ponder.
Provides random search results off of Google, Everything2, and Wikipedia along with reblogged content of interest to the editors.
  Cate's Garage Sale Finds
A showcase of bizarre and disturbing items found at garage sales.
  Dogs in Cars
A gallery of automobiles with canines in them.
  Altering Time
A blend of geeky and technical humor, reviews of useless sites, news commentary and multimedia.
  VCR Clock Error
A cross between a server error and a misconfigured VCR.
  Sox: Sock Monkey with a Harley
Photos of Sox in a variety of situations: riding his motorcycle, eating, relaxing and working out.
  Alien Central
Featuring a variety of alien and abductee topics, including an alien chat bot, abduction requset forms and a forum.
  Dave's Web Of Lies
Offering a new lie every day, plus a listing of all the lies of the week and a searchable database.
The adventures of a little green frog with a big personality.
  Broadswords and Bunnies
A dedication to cute and cuddly things and metal harbringers of death.
  Giant Lava Lamp
A small town in Washington is trying to build a huge lava lamp. Site includes a request for help and computer simulated pictures of what the lamp might look like.
  THE NeTworK
A digital bemusement park. Wide range of useless products, games and guides.
  The Realm of Niftyness
Interactive games, crudely drawn adventures, Ask Skippy, and a tour of a real college dorm room.
  Pick The Worst
Visitors can choose the worst option out of several bad scenarios.
Procrastination aids, bad pickup lines, taco humor and chipmunks.
  Poll of the Day
Pointless polling of offbeat subjects.
  Lonely Socks
Collection of pictures of single socks looking for their match. Accepts submissions.
  The Longest Domain
Demonstrating a 67 character domain name.
  Star Wars Action Figure Webcam
The life and times of the Star Wars action figues sitting on a desk.
A brief guide and visual representation of the world without France.
Information about this powerful superhero, his heroic deeds and his inventions.
  Fun Latin
Expressions not found in the classics but might make a great bumper sticker.
  Encyclopedia Darcica
Compendium of pointless lists and questionable essays.
  The Useless Information Society
Useless news, rants, writing, discussion, and links.
  Brampton Bugle
Spoof newspaper website, covering a number of surreal topics, a fake advice column and bizarre advertisements.
  The Stupid Pastimes on the Web Site
Includes Build Your Own Cow, the Incredible Bouncing E-mail and the Cleanest Page on the Web.
Disjointed concepts and unsettling humor.
  It's Better Tinned Than Fresh
Surreal humour, featuring Lazarus the off-color zebra, a gallery for trolleybus fetishists and a strange guide to Ashby de la Zouch.
Articles on things the author finds stupid, including cartoons, television shots and sports.
  Virtual VCR Clock
Dedicated to the millions of VCRs in the world that don't have their clocks set.
  Bob Online
Offbeat and simply animated games and comics.
A collection of interactive games, journals and offbeast pastimes.
  The Brink of Insanity
Various topics including Duct Tape Man, Sockweb, a horrorscope and poetry. Features a challenging navigation system.
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, written backwards.
  Freaking Kids
Shows a personal hate of many things in this world, headlining the hate of children and their behavior.
  The CopyCat Counting Page
Web pages to help you count in a variety of ways.
Nonsensical humor constructed by drunken Canadians.
  Turn into a Carrot
Visitors can magically be transformed into a raw or cooked carrot.
  Iur - My Life
The life of a rejected mains plug.
  Dogwater Soup
A collection of humorous photographs, video, animationsm rants and links to unusual and bizarre sites. Requires Flash and JavaScript.
An exploration of change, decay and disaster in both physical and metaphysical realms.
  Lakeside Nature Preserve, Gun Club and Home for the Insane
A community of beer-loving people living under an energy-field dome. Photographs of dangerous cows and giant frogs.
Humorous depictions of stapler pornography, plus other assorted unusual photographs.
Countdowns to memorable and not-so-memorable days, a running total of free AOL hours and the weather in Regina, Saskatchewan.
  Dr Speedbump's Attention Deficit Compan
A mix of satire, philosophy, abruptly-ending fiction and lobotomies.
Original humor to amuse your inner hamster.
  Meet Humples
A simple animated monkey in a wide variety of outfits.
  Dnas's Website of Stuff
Useless facts, quizzes, images, recipes, games, and silly generators. Also includes Hairy Potter, who lets you ask but does not answer questions.
Surreal comic strip with political leanings.
  Global Honk
A place for the gullible to learn about the world around them.
A group of California teens show their creativity and lack of talent through articles, videos, and Flash animations.
  The Official Shotgun Rules
Detailed guidance on how to call shotgun before riding in a vehicle.
A self-confessed creepy guy reveals all.
  The Ultimate List of Uses For..
A list of uses for Marmite, AOL CDs, dead cats and other household objects.
  The Star of David Jewish Ninja Shiruken
The weapon of a ancient and secret martial art.
  Blue Duck With Fangs
A semi-vampiric waterfowl.
  Gift Horse
Place to find pointless, thoughtless, and the most unsuitable gifts for everyone, plus random advice.
  The "We-Made-This-Up-When-We-Were-Really-Drunk" Calendar
A year-long calendar with unusual holidays, celebrations and a challenging approach to dates and months.
Visitors can compare expeiences and notes from those times that one song turns into another in their head.
Featuring games, karaoke and media downloads. In English and Turkish.
  The Pointless Dot Com
Providing readers with as little meaningful content as possible.
  Blah Blah Blah
Visitors are challenged to find the hidden meaning.
  Hidden Level
Claims to thoroughly eviscerate your childhood.
  Medieval Motorcycle Maintenance
Advice on how to clean a carburettor, written in Olde English.
  The Glovermans
Personal stories and photographs of a pair of married gloves and their family.
  One Crackheaded Site
A site for crackheaded individuals.
  The Bug List
Visitors can share experiences of real-life bugs and reality glitches.
A Thai woman talking about pheasant pluckers in a style vaguely similar to the Ananova animated newsreader.
  Learn to Count to Ten
Using both arabic numerals and human digits.
  Pointless Site
Featuring both possible and impossible mazes, and a collection of dead and blank links.
  Manatees Crashed Cars of Kuwait
Clearly one of the more dangerous places in the world to drive.
  Surreel Toon Supply Company
Cartoon supply company provides online searchable knowledge base and trouble ticket system for customers. Humorous technical support issues are posted for your amusement.
  Contacting George W. Bush
Visitors can try to get in touch the president to exchange views.
  The Incomplete Worlds Of Billy Shakespeare
Allegedly newly-discovered works of The Bard written in suspiciously modern-sounding English.
  Wah Kazoo
Experience the sound of a kazoo through a wah-pedal.
  Tits or Eyes?
Visitors are given the chance to identify a stylized anatomical part.
  Stuff That Sucks
A comprehensive list of several thousand things that are deeply annoying or depressing.
  Name That Drug
Visitors are challenged to name a narcotic based on abstract picture clues.
  Your Driver Is
An innovative way for bus passengers to insult and poke fun at their driver.
  Alvins Adventures
The short, brutal life of a helpless teddy bear.
  Frita Bandita Boop
Flash animation and humor featuring an obsessive ex-boyfriend.
  Number Of The Moment
Visitors can find their Karmic number and have its significance explained.
  Name Translations
Humorous definitions of people's first names.
Visitors can take over the front page of the site to gain fifteen minutes of fame.
  Find My Twin
Visitors can try to match themselves up with people with identical physical characteristics.
  The Really Unimpressive Dot Com
An absurdly minimalist site.
  Doorknob Signs
A collection of humorous doorknob signs to print, cut out and use.